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Our Loden Story

productionAlexandra Pecher

A story of innovation and living tradition, of craftsman-ship and existing values. 

At the foot of the Dachstein Mountain, today as 120 years ago, you can find experienced specialists with knowledgeable hands at work:  cotton-like raw wool from Austrian mountain sheep is spun to thread, woven to a lightweight fabric and, with the help of the traditional hammer mill, finally processed into original Schladming Pearl Loden. 

This fabric, which was once developed for functional wear for use in extreme mountaineering, this highest-quality local textile is a wonderfully sustainable material: durable, robust and long-lasting, and yet so fine and soft to the touch. 


Inspired by this "Austrian treasure”: a high-quality textile that thrives here and is produced regionally we created our first travel accessories collection: the COSY LODEN COLLECTION.

At our partner, the traditional family-run business STEINER in Styria, Schladming Pearl-Loden of the highest quality is still produced on the original hammer mill. Finished by hand, by experienced craftsmen. Made from all-natural, undyed wool from Austrian mountain sheep. 

Our warmest thanks go to the Steiner Family and their team for their consistent top-quality work!