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productionAlexandra Pecher

Eco. Local. Social.

Our organic cotton sleep masks come from the „Green Heart“ of Austria.

Once upon a time, Austria had a flourishing textile industry, with family-run enterprises passing on creations from grandparents to the next generation. And entrepreneurs who created jobs and thus took over responsibility for the economic development in the region.
The Paar family is among the few traditional businesses remaining in this field in Austria. As an Austrian contract producer in the textile industry, you need a fair amount of courage and conviction in a world where everything goes faster and faster, and prices have to be lower and lower, in which tailoring is only rarely valued for what it is worth: craftsmanship. 
The expertise and experience of each and every team member counts. But that alone is by no means enough: it is the care and love that can be felt in the finished workpiece. It is the attentive hands, eyes and also the hearts of the people who carefully place their art at the service of the cause. And it is the brave entrepreneurship of the Paar family that makes it possible to transform expertise, respect, esteem and team spirit into a successful business model. 
For this we thank you from the bottom of our hearts, dearest Paar Family!

In the southeast of Styria, near the pristine river meadows of the Mur, is the headquarters of the Paar family. In their team, 20 talented and motivated women work under family-friendly conditions. The making of our sleeping masks is in their good hands.