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traveltalkAlexandra Pecher

Travel Talk with Viennese Producer, Musician and DJ, Peter Kruder.

One late summer day at The Guest House Vienna.

For me, listening to your music, your tracks was always like traveling in the mind: close your eyes and off we go... how about you? 

PK For me, music is my diary. Everything I hear blends with the moment I am experiencing at any given time. This was always the case for me, even in my childhood. Sometimes these memories act as a reference for an emotional state I want to reflect in my music. The wonderful thing about this is that the interaction between sounds, notes, and tempi can create images and feelings that apply universally. In its essence, music is the exploration of the psychological map of our inside, and all paths lead to the heart.

A DJ´s life is traveling... does traveling inspire you?

PK After leaving school at some point, I would say travelling is the best way to learn something new. Your capacity to learn is expanded indefinitely in a foreign country, and if you go along with it the benefits of new impressions will have a lasting effect on your life. I love making friends with the locals, they let you experience the country in a more direct way, and often lead you away from the beaten paths. Even though I have been a frequent traveler for a long time, there are still countless places I have not yet seen and experienced. Even in places I have been to before, the changes over time can be clearly seen. If at all possible, one should visit a new country or a new city at least once a year.

A DJ´s life is traveling... how do you get organized? 

PK Every journey starts with the trip to the airport, and I have a really nice driver now, and have for a while. Nothing is worse than starting a trip in a smelly cab with a grumpy driver. Over the years, I have learned to pack in record time. I have a travel kit for short trips which is always ready to go, and a larger version for longer trips. Both contain exactly the same items, only the big one has everything in larger amounts. An ingrained system for hand luggage is useful, because you have to take things out all the time, and efficiency makes it less of a hassle. My hand luggage also holds my DJ equipment, and it’s best to use smaller bags in different shapes, because colors or prints usually can’t be seen in dark clubs anyway. The most important thing though is a valid credit card, in case everything else goes wrong.  

A DJ´s life is traveling... how do you manage to feel at home all over the world?

PK I always travel with a big, warming scarf from India in case the air conditioning is too much, or for the evenings, if the temperatures are unexpectedly low. It is drenched in my favorite perfume, just in case my surroundings don’t smell too good. Noise-cancelling headphones are always in my bag, too, they help turn airports into stages, perfect for people watching. A small stuffed animal, in my case a little bug called Mitzi, who listens to my sorrows when I am down and reminds me of home. Earplugs, for all hotel rooms or clubs that are too loud. A cozy outfit that I like to wear at home, too, in case I need to regenerate at the hotel for a day.  

A DJ´s life is traveling... what’s the best thing about that?

PK The best thing about traveling is coming home with a head full of new impressions, and being happy with the experiences.

It was a real pleasure to spend a very special day with very special people at a very special place... Thank you Peter, Olga, Mark - you guys are simply awesome!!! xoxoxo Thank you Max for your support. And many, many, thanks to Mr. M. Stallmajer for being such a generous and splendid host at his wonderful place The Guesthouse Vienna. Yours, Alexandra

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credits: photo credits MARK GLASSNER / location THE GUEST HOUSE VIENNA